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by Mouthful of Snow

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A chronicle of short stories about the small moments that define us in every day life.


released July 4, 2015

Guitar / Vocals - Kyle
Drums - Jason
Keys / Vocals - Kameron
Bass - Marc
Recorded Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards and Bass at Dial Studios @ The Dial Collective on Date St. w/ Kyle Napalan, Nick De Gange, Eduardo Macias & Bianca Hollins. in Murrieta, CA 2012-1014
Recorded Drums @ Roseland Recordings with Matt Fitzpatrick in Fallbrook, CA 2013
Guest Artist:
Vocals - Nick Di Gangi, Bianca Hollins, Vania Fune, James Fune, Jill Ellardo, Joshua M. Holloway, Ben Velazco, Joshua Be, Samuel Palacios ,Saxaphone - Matt Rodarte // Trombone / Horns - Danny Currie // Bass - Nichollas Soria
Produced / Artwork by Kyle Napalan
Mixed by David Paige @ DPP Recordings
Mastered by Paul Abbot @ Zen Mastering



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Mouthful of Snow Temecula

A 4 Piece Post-Pop Band From SoCal.

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Track Name: The Search Begins
Careful little one
The world is turning
Left you waiting for a sign
Define the good inside

Watch where you're going
You're always trying
To do the right things
But it's not good enough
With no more love

Heartaches aside
Leave your innocence behind
So you can find the good inside

This thing that's missing
Allows me to be whole again
So now the search begins

Down to your knees
Begged on your feet
You're still trying to haunt me

Stories ever right?
Was it always wrong?
The truth is you never belonged

Search far and wide
Across the city skies
Under the star lit nights

Defy this quest
Divided all my friends
Only to find it's all still a mess

Go face love
Defy your fate
Find peace in your head and never fade away
Go and find the puzzle pieces that will fit just right
Never forget to hold your convictions tight
The promise that you kept close to your chest
Was to always to find hope in all this mess
But that's not the hard part so try again
Fail as many times so your heart can mend
The hurtful times, the hurtful lies
I promise it's going to be all right
Track Name: Sylar
I need to move out of this town, full of wine
I need to move out of this town, full of divided lines
I gotta open up the gates, before me
I gotta pick up the steps, beneath me

And run out of this town
Pass the streets
Pass all the memories

That designed my opened eyes
That's still closed oh so tight
Not knowing where to hide
I need to fly...

It's like a fever that you can't stop
I'm like a fever that needs love
Set a blaze to this town
So you have a chance for a whole new sound
Loss of faith is what you need
So you have a chance, a chance to leave

And run out of this town
Pass the streets
Pass all the memories

That designed my opened eyes
That's still closed oh so tight
Not knowing where to hide
I need to fly
I need to fight
You gotta take a chance
Take my hand
You gotta be alone
To find your own home
Track Name: Nightingale
Wouldn't it be nice to just scatter through the wind
And say all the things that we never said
I'm sorry i replied to fast, I was too anxious to feel your words
Can you return to the way you were, can we return to the way we were?

One step forwards
Two steps backwards

Lets dance our love away
So we can fill our chests with pain
It's better to loved than loss
But i choose the heartaches over lust
Dance with me my nightingale
Sing to me my nightingale
Sing to me about all those things I've failed

What's this force I feel, breaking my beliefs
It's a shadow of a heartache, a longing for a heartbreak
Cause I need to feel my hands again, I need to feel this warmth again
Or else this cold wont feel so bad, it will just make me glad

Sing to me
Dance with me
Track Name: Better Than Fine
The devil sleeps in my head
Appears in the form of surrender
I hide underneath my bed
Where i lose all of my excuses

So I turn to face the threshold of tomorrow
But I turn to lay still and whisper

I'm not okay
I'm better than fine
Things will be different cause I'm suicidal
I'm also in denial

I don't want to wake up
I don't want to lost touch
I don't want to give up
I just want the real love

For you and me
And everybody

I just want the strong hugs
I want the real touch
I need the real lust
I just don't have enough love
Track Name: Time Waits For No One
time waits for no one
Track Name: Oblivion
The night started off with a close "hello" and "hi"
But you soon turned around and said your "goodnights" and "goodbyes"